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Lutsel Technologies Pvt Ltd, a front runner in providing cloud based accounting and financial management solutions for non trading segments.

Lutsel is anchored by 2 young dynamic entrepreneurs with commendable experience of 18 years in the field of Financial accounting, financial management, taxation and auditing.

With the vast experience of developing and implementing financial accounting solutions, performing financial audits, financial advisory services etc. for more than 3500 clients across the country, Lutsel today has the perfect combination of domain expertise, cutting edge technology and right set of brains to deliver the best financial management solutions for it’s customers.

Lutsel’s state of the art development center with 30+ technical and domains experts are passionate in innovations that helps businesses and organizations to excel and achieve perfect financial control on their businesses.

Lutsel also have a full-fledged Support Desk to assist customers on demand for enabling them to use their solutions in a hassle free mode.


Viju George
Managing Director

Viju has more than 18 years of experience in the field of financial accounting and related services in non-trading segments. He has been instrumental in designing all financial software products developed by Lutsel and is passionate in helping organisations to maintain hassle free accounting processes. His expertise in simplifying complex accounting processes to its simplest form is commendable. Viju is the Managing Director of Lutsel Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Jomon Kattakayam
Director - Sales and Marketing

Jomon is a seasoned marketing & sales professional with more than 18 years of experience in marketing and selling financial software solutions. His expertise in Business analysis played commendable role in requirement gathering stages of product development. Jomon is the Director – Sales and Marketing and is heading the sales and marketing activities of Lutsel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. across India.


Lutsel has very unique software products to support organisations with non-trading behaviours.

COMPTES – An intelligent Accounting Solution for Non Trading Organisations

A very unique kind of intelligent financial accounting solution which can help non trading organisations to handle their accounting processes very easily. The beauty and USP of COMPTES is that even a person without any accounting knowledge can operate it very easily. COMPTES has more than 10 unique features when compared to all other existing accounting solutions based in India and abroad. For more details visit website

www.comptes.in →

Comptes Go – An intelligent expense tracking solution.

A simple yet useful mobile app connected to our cloud based accounting solution which can track your expenses and account it automatically, based on an Artificial intelligence enabled voice recognition system.

LUTSJOIN – Easiest way to manage the Members

LutsJoin is an easy to use web application connected with a mobile application for managing members of any kind of organisations. The process of inviting and registering members, managing them , collecting subscriptions , communicating to them etc. can be done with few easy clicks in this application.!

www.lutsjoin.com →


Lutsel’s array of services includes

Financial internal auditing services
Financial advisory services
Financial knowledge processing outsourcing services
General financial consulting for non trading segment


Lutsel has more than 3500 clients from non-trading segment for it’s financial software solution, auditing services, and financial advisory services which spread across four countries.


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